Yes – completely free and without obligation… If you’ve never before engaged an interior designer this is a great way to let me put you at ease with interior design…

…As well as getting to understand what you want to achieve and talking through some design ideas, I can explain the design process and help you chose the level of involvement you would like me to have.

You may just engage me to produce the design ideas and take the project on from there or you can engage me to fully manage your project and leave it to me to find all the necessary tradespeople – a service people tend to chose if they are some distance from the project, for a example a holiday home, where it’s difficult to maintain control at arm’s length.

Whatever level of involvement you ask from me, there’s one thing I can promise you: you will be in control of the project at all times – yes you engage a designer to produce ideas and find materials, fabrics and furniture you may never find yourself, but I whilst I may dare you to look at ideas beyond your usual thinking, I will never push you into anything that you’re not comfortable with.

For soft furnishing projects I can visit your premises for a free initial consultation within a 25 mile radius of Tenby. I will measure and discuss the best solution for your windows then provide an estimate per item for making and fitting with fabric samples.


Competition to let your rooms/property has probably never been greater. Every day your potential guests are bombarded with images from the internet and TV which lift expectations of accommodation standards.

As an independent accommodation provider, you need your rooms to stand out so they catch attention as people browse the internet. And, when they arrive, you want their expectations to be exceeded to the point where they want come back again and again and recommend your business to their friends.

Well designed and appointed rooms are key to achieving the best rates and the best possible occupancy levels, particularly in the colder seasons when people want to spend more time relaxing indoors.

So let’s discuss some ideas – my offer of a free, no obligation consultation also applies to commercial premises and, of course, we can also talk about ways of implementing room updates in the most cost effective and time efficient way.

Call 07710 273211 or alternately use our Contct Us form (Click Here)

For smaller scale projects, initial consultation may incur some travelling costs if I am to visit a property more than 25 miles from Tenby, Pembrokeshire.


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